Reduce My Solicitor’s costs

Have you lost a claim and been stuck with a legal Bill?

We can negotiate your bill to potentially save you £10,000’s.

Have you been sent a Bill of Costs by the other party, or even your own Solicitor?

Does it seem like a lot of money?

The good news is that Solicitor’s Costs can be challenged? A more reasonable figure can be agreed either by negotiation, or by as assessment of the Bill by the Court.

You MUST act quickly.

Interest can be added to the costs at 8% per annum – that’s £100/mth on a £15,000 bill.
You MUST act now. If the Solicitor’s bill is not challenged quickly then similar to a CCJ, they can go to Court and have the Court order you to pay the bill in full, together with interest.

Act quickly. The sooner we get involved, the more potential savings we can make.
Our services:

  •  Advice on bill
  • Negotiation of costs
  •  Drafting formal Points of Dispute / Replies for Court
  •  Attending Court / dealing with Court orders

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We are on your side. We act in your best interests. We can save you money on your legal bill.

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